Anit-idling proposal to save lungs and fuel

Friday, September 05, 2008

A press release from the American Lung Association of Wisconsin:

BROOKFIELD, WI (September 5, 2008) – The American Lung Association of Wisconsin was encourage by the recent introduction of an anti-idling ordinance by Dane County Supervisor, Brett Hulsey.

Legislation to limit diesel idling will reduce air pollution and respiratory illnesses. Diesel engines emit a lot of particle pollution, especially fine particles that can bypass the body’s natural defense mechanisms and lodge deeply and permanently into the lungs. Those particles carry chemicals and other contaminants that can reduce lung function and alter lung tissue on a cellular level.

Unlike ozone pollution which is limited to the summer season, high levels of particle pollution can occur year round. This is particularly important in winter when school busses may idle for long periods of time near schools.

“At a minimum, we would like to see idling reduced in areas like around schools where children are present,” said Sue Swan, Executive Director for the American Lung Association of Wisconsin. “We hope that other communities will follow suit.”

The measure also will reduce transportation expenses for companies
facing escalating fuel costs.
The last advantage seems most important -- saving fuel -- from the point of view of peak oil.