Pub Service will fund efficient technology programs

Monday, January 15, 2007

A story by Nathan Phelps in the Oshkosh Northwestern reports on requirements on the Green Bay utility in settling a lawsuit:

Four programs aimed at showcasing energy efficient technologies in homes and businesses will receive $500,000 in funding from Wisconsin Public Service Corp. in the wake of a settlement with two environmental organizations late last year.

Programs are expected to be focused in Brown County, but could flow to other areas covered by WPS if a saturation point is reached, according to a press release from the company.

Bruce Nilles, director of the Sierra Club's Midwest Clean Energy Program in Madison, said the programs are intended to showcase new technologies that can increase efficiencies in electricity use, which is expected to reduce the amount of energy usage — and money sent out of the state and country to purchase energy — while protecting the environment.

"When people start seeing things around their community more often they'll become much more acceptable," he said. "When people see those squiggly compact fluorescent light bulbs at Home Depot, they're not going to say, 'What are those?' but they'll have seen them used at their daycare center or a neighbors home."

Programs include:

- Designating 300 low-income households with young children to receive 10 compact fluorescent light bulbs.

- Providing rebates to schools and daycares for purchases of energy efficient appliances

- Construction of four "super-efficient" homes — two by Habitat for Humanity and two by Energy Star Builders

- Additionally, 5,000 LED exit lighting kits will be provided to small- and medium-sized businesses, schools and government facilities.