Rail station triggers support, concerns from near east neighborhood group

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A letter from the Marquette Neighborhood Association:

June 1, 2010

The Honorable Jim Doyle, Governor, State of Wisconsin
The Honorable Dave Cieslewicz, Mayor, City of Madison
Secretary Frank Busalacchi, WI Department of Transportation

Dear Sirs,

The Marquette Neighborhood Association is pleased that a location for Madison’s high speed rail station has been chosen in the city center at Monona Terrace. Success of the addition of rail as a transportation option is important to the neighborhood as is the success of the station.

There are several issues that the neighborhood feels should be attended to carefully in order to make this a success:

· Ensure that the station enhances the economic development opportunities in Madison’s downtown and does not impinge on opportunities in Madison’s East Rail Corridor and East Washington Avenue gateway.

· Provide for the relocation of track currently running through the Central Park site in order to fully take advantage of the economic stimulus that will be provided by development of the park and make the park the best that it can be.

· Seriously consider the implications to property owners along the track. Minimize the impact to their property and strive to enhance their relationship with the track as much as possible.

· Create and maintain an efficient and safe flow of traffic and afford walkability throughout the neighborhood. Minimize the impact and seek to reduce automobile traffic through the neighborhood.

· Preserve existing crossings for auto, bike and pedestrian travel including maintaining the accessibility of the Yahara River Parkway.

· Provide additional controlled crossings to enable quiet zones and eliminate the need for train whistles/horns in the neighborhood.

The Marquette Neighborhood Association looks forward to working with city and state officials to ensure the success of high speed rail in our community.


Scott B. Thornton, President
On Behalf of the Board of Directors
Marquette Neighborhood Association

Cc: MNA Board
City of Madison Alders