Several upcoming events

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

From an email sent by Barbara Smith:

*Sept. 17
Will Allen with Growing Power speaks
special intro event with WI Book Fest (link below)

*"Mad City Chickens"
Outdoor Film at Willy St. Coop
Sat. Sept. 19

*Williamson St. Fair & Parade
Sun. Sept. 20th

*World Car Free Day
(stay tuned for details on events planned in Madison)

*Food for Thought Festival
Saturday, Sept. 26, 8am - 1:30pm
MLK Blvd. (off Capitol Square), during the farmer's market
Guest speaker: Michael Pollan

*"Greening of Southie"
(documentary about a new green building going up in South Boston)
Outdoor Film at Willy St. Coop
Saturday, Sept. 26th

*Wisconsin Book Festival: Courage
Oct. 10-11
Large number of presenters, events
Keynote: Wendell Berry, 4pm, Overture (get a ticket for free admission)

*Worldwide Call for Global Warming Actions
A call to put our world on course to get back to 350ppm. Ahead of the
Copenhagen meetings. Watch for local events.
Oct. 24th everywhere

*Future Cities Conference, Post-Carbon, Post-Nuclear
Nov. 5-8

*Environmental Film Fest @ UW!
Tales from Planet Earth
Nov. 6-8, 2009