Local food and energy fun at SMART Cookout, Sept. 8, Madison

Friday, September 04, 2009

Energy Hub is teaming up with WE CONSERVE, Engineers without Borders, and REthink Wisconsin to bring you a fun and educational event on Library Mall. Come enjoy some FREE grilled sweet corn, in-season apples, and learn more about renewable energy, smart recycling, and conservation!

"Energy Hub (eHub) is a center where UW-Madison student organizations can explore, discuss and take part in the future of energy.

"We exist to connect existing student organizations that are interested in energy issues. By linking organizations with a common focus, we hope to make energy events and news more accessible to students, and provide a forum for open discussion of energy issues.

"We also aim to connect the student body with professionals in the energy industry. This serves to encourage communication between academics and industry, as well as linking students with future career and internship opportunities."