Wanted: Citizens who seek to do what is right

Monday, August 11, 2008

From a letter to the editor of The Capital Times by Hans Noeldner, peak oil activist:

The Washington Post recently printed yet one more article in a recent spate of news stories on sprawl. As usual, the issue was framed as one of gas prices forcing changes rather than responsible human beings making proactive choices.

While I'm glad to see another column in a major newspaper on the topic of commuting, suburbia, and high gas prices, here is the kind of ubiquitous headline my heart longs to see: "Sense of patriotism and earth stewardship apply brakes to hypergrowth and hyperconsumption."

America does not need consumers who merely react to prices. She needs citizens who seek to do what is right for our heirs -- unilaterally, vigorously and without being forced by laws and/or the market. Burning gasoline like crazy when it was "cheap at the pump" was NEVER a good idea. In truth, even $4 gas doesn't begin to include all the external costs.