Everyone welcome at monthly meeting!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Peak Oil Discussion Group
August 7, 2008

DRAFT Agenda
1. Introductions

2. Announcements/miscellaneous
a. Tabling at Farmers’ Market
- August 30 – Jeff Riggert
- October 11
b. Other

3. Financial report

4. Program committee report
a. “What’s the program?” – David Knuti & Ross DePaola
b. Prospects for a teach-in in conjunction with the Nelson Institute – Ed Blume
c. Good sources for information on post peak planning – Beth Campbell
d. Review of statement on support for RTA to deliver to Legislative Council Study Committee on RTA – Hans Noeldner
e. Coordination of activities with Green Action Network – Barb Smith

5. Next meeting: September 4