Keep driving ethanol forward

Thursday, April 03, 2008

From an editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal:

In the debate over whether Wisconsin should encourage the development of ethanol, it 's time to pay attention to one of ethanol 's most prominent critics.
Because he has changed his mind.

Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens, who once scoffed at ethanol, recently told the CNBC financial news network that he now supports increased production of the homegrown, renewable fuel.

Pickens cited the $1 billion a day that America spends on imported oil.

"I 'd rather have ethanol and recirculate the money in the country than to have it go out the back door on us, " said Pickens, who is also promoting wind energy.

Pickens ' about-face should enlighten Wisconsin policymakers and the state 's private industry as they confront a continuing campaign to put the brakes on ethanol.

While biofuels are likely to hit a few potholes in the marketplace, the state should keep its foot on the accelerator to take the lead in biofuel development.

At stake is not only economic gain for Wisconsin but also a better fuel for the future.