Solar experiences its day in the sun

Monday, April 07, 2008

From an article by Dustin Block in The Daily Reporter:

Domenico Santilli shyly added a caveat to the fact that his company seen a 500 percent increase in sales of solar power systems this year.

“We’re basically growing from zero,” said the owner of Power Control LLC in New Berlin.

That said, 500 percent is 500 percent.

Solar power is “exploding in the Milwaukee area,” said Santilli, who started working with solar power systems two years ago in an effort to help the environment.

“I think we have to cut pollution,” he said. “Being in the business of electrical contracting, I’m working to try and do something.”

Santilli and other solar power contractors around the state are learning that switching to so-called “clean” electricity pays off with more than good feelings. The solar industry is booming in the state.

Solar power generation in Wisconsin has increased 80 percent per year over the past five years, according to Focus on Energy, a public-private program that works to promote energy-efficient homes and businesses in Wisconsin.

The annual growth is turning solar power into a significant player in the state’s energy market, said Niels Wolter, solar electric program manager with Focus on Energy.