Small steps push cleaner, greener Green Bay

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

From a story by Paul Srubas in the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

None of the steps are huge or major, but the city of Green Bay is planning, through a series of little steps, to tiptoe its way to a more sustainable future.

Mayor Jim Schmitt on Monday called a news conference to announce that the city was embarking upon a 12-step program aimed at a cleaner environment and reduced energy consumption. . . .

But taken collectively, they can make a difference, especially if they inspire the city's residents and neighbors to join the efforts, Schmitt said. . . .

Jeff DeLaune of Wisconsin Public Service . . . led a subcommittee that looked into energy efficiency issues.

"This provides us a wonderful opportunity to develop a program that has positive impact on the environment and on the economy of Green Bay," DeLaune said.

His subcommittee developed a plan to promote the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs, a plan to power part of City Hall through alternative energy sources and to encourage better energy conservation by issuing annual awards for energy efficient design or improvements.