Good news: Walker creates clean energy jobs, Bad news: They are in Canada

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A news release issued by Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison):

Madison, WI— In another blow to jobs and clean energy efforts in Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker signed the “Clean Energy Jobs for Canada Act” SB 81 this week that allows a Wisconsin utility to import renewable energy from Canada rather than invest in Wisconsin jobs and clean energy.

“Sadly Governor Walker and the GOP outsource our energy jobs to other countries while Wisconsin citizens will have fewer jobs and higher energy costs,” said Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison), member of the Assembly Energy and Utilities Committee.

A Canadian Broadcast Corporation headline read:

“Hydro deal to generate thousands of jobs

A $2-billion deal to export hydroelectric power to Wisconsin will require thousands of workers on several generating stations and transmission lines in Manitoba…”

“Walker and the GOP cut clean energy jobs here and outsource them to foreign countries. Democrats will continue to fight to keep jobs and produce clean energy in the state,” said Rep. Hulsey.

Walker and the GOP recently repealed a Public Service Commission requirement that would increase Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resources after GOP PSC Chair Phil Montgomery issued a press release touting the benefits of the Focus on Energy clean energy program saving Wisconsinites $380 million in 2010 alone. Walker and the GOP also want to create some of the strictest wind energy rules in the nation threatening more than 1,000 wind energy jobs, according to Renew Wisconsin,