Willy St. Coop offsets natural gas with third-party-owned solar hot water system

Friday, October 01, 2010

From the Web site of Resource Solar:

The Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative located at 1221 Williamson Street in Madison, Wisconsin is now offsetting its natural gas use (and eliminating approximately 5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere) via a solar hot water system installed by Resource Solar and financed under a solar thermal power purchase agreement (Thermal-PPA).

Billing commenced [June 10, 2010] and will continue monthly (at a fixed rate) for 6 years. The Co-op will buy the system at the end of the 6-year period for less than a third of what a new system would cost, yet have 80% of system life left.

To read an article in the Willy Street Newsletter about the system, please click on the following: Reader, Feb 2010