Monona Grove Energy and Sustainability Fair, Saturday, May 22

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Monona Grove Energy and Sustainability Fair will heat up the high school with fun exhibits and eye-opening presentations from a mix of students and experts. This free fair is for parents, families, students, and community members of all ages.

Enjoy and learn from students' art and educational posters, booths and demonstrations, poetry, a musical performance, and more. (The Global Impact Class will even put the proper air in your tires while you're at the event!)

Community nonprofits, energy providers, and sustainability experts of all stripes will provide a wide range of materials, information, and opportunities for you to join your friends, neighbors, and the students of the Monona Grove School District in creating a sustainable future.

Exhibits/exhibitors include: Geothermal at Glacial Drumlin, Vermiculture, The Natural Step Monona, Energy Upgrades in the School District, Energy savings tips from Alliant Energy and MG&E, MG&E Solar Trailer and Energy Bike, Focus on Energy, Climate Change: 101, Reduce/reuse/recycle tips, Food and Sustainability, LED Lighting, The End of Cheap Stuff, Alternative Energy, Carbon-o-meter, Environmental Library Items, What's green in your kitchen, Solar oven, EnAct: Steps to greener living, Community Car, Tire Inflation Booth, Aldo Leopold Nature Center, and What's your carbon footprint?

Enjoy environmental art projects, poetry, and at 1:00 a performance by Winnequah third and fourth graders: "Assignment Earth: What Kids Can Do to Save the Planet."