Metro Commute Cards available for all

Monday, January 18, 2010

RENEW Wisconsin offers Metro Commute Cards to its employees.

Metro now offers small employers the same program that the City of Madison, University and other large employers already use.

Whether your organization has one, ten or 1,000 employees, the Metro Commute Card can make a difference. The Metro Commute Card is an annual unlimited ride pass that is now available to ALL businesses. The Commute Card provides organizations with a way to offer an attractive employee/member benefit to lessen the demand for on-site parking and to help sustain the environment.

To learn more about the benefits of the Commute Card program and how it can work for your organization, contact Peg Anthony with Metro Transit at 608-266-6545 or visit for more information.

Important points of the new program:

In 2010, each ride costs $1.15 (no transfers issued – a transfer requires an additional swipe of the card and an additional $1.15)

Employer has complete flexibility as to how employees are billed back, if at all.