Calculate, then reduce, your carbon footprint

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From CO2gether:

Madison Gas and Electric, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin and UW-Madison's Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment are pleased to provide this CO2gether Web site for people who live or are interested in the environment of south-central Wisconsin. It's local. The information is about and calculated for those of us who live in this part of Wisconsin.

We are concerned about climate change and believe that individual actions when combined with many others can make a significant difference. Your actions can have a global impact.

So we have worked together to provide web tools to help you:
•learn about climate change,
•calculate your carbon footprint
•learn how to reduce that carbon footprint,
•track and journal your efforts,
•discuss these topics and your efforts with others,
•measure the impact you can have working with others in this area.