Rural and Urban Economic Revitalization Workshops, July 6-7, MATC

Friday, June 26, 2009

From a news release posted on Business Wire:

The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) announced today that it is working with the Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence along with agencies and groups across the region to present its next series of educational workshop programs. The two-day Intensive workshops, (June 27 and 28 in Osseo, WI and July 6 and 7 in Madison, WI) promote rural and urban economic revitalization and non-exportable job creation through the optimized production of food and fuel source crops and related by-products.

The workshops will be led by David Blume, renowned Permaculture and Biofuels expert and author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas. Mr. Blume, is the recent author recipient of the American Corn Growers Association’s Truth in Agricultural Journalism award, and will teach attendees how they can:

•Earn federal and state renewable energy tax incentives that can offset as much as 80% of the startup costs for a small-scale alcohol fuel business.
•Beat the fuel and food price increases predicted for 2009.
•Produce clean alcohol fuel for less than a dollar per gallon from waste, toxic and spoiled food, common weeds, as well as high-return crops.

“Because of our current economic climate, farmers everywhere are struggling,” said Sue Beitlich, President of the Wisconsin Farmers Union. “At WFU we are working diligently to help provide our members and community with the knowledge and means to improve our local and regional economic outlook. David Blume’s workshop provides proven systems based on agriculture science that will enhance and optimize food and fuel source crop production. That knowledge can help Wisconsin farmers build new businesses and become leaders in the sustainable energy movement.”

The two day workshops will be held . . . Monday and Tuesday July 6 and 7 at the Madison Area Technical College, (Truax Campus) in Madison WI. The open-to-the-public programs present an ideal launch pad for green business entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, and people everywhere who are interested in developing their own energy independence and taking control of their economic future. For more information on the workshop program and schedule please visit