Dane County expands marketing opportunities for growers, producers

Monday, March 23, 2009

From a news release issued by Dane County:

A project created by Dane County to connect local growers and large volume institutional buyers is expanding its efforts. The Institutional Food Market Coalition (IFM) is providing a way for agricultural enterprises such as beef, milk, dairy and cheese producers, and those selling value-added products made with local ingredients, to market to large institutional buyers.

Previously, the IFM linked local fruit and vegetable producers with purchasers but now those efforts are expanding to include local meat and dairy products. Hotels, corporations, conference centers and a number of Dane County facilities are among the private and public sector purchasers of the home-grown produce.

“Helping our local producers find big buyers for their milk, cheese, beef and other high quality products is another thing we can do to keep Dane County’s vibrant agriculture economy growing,” County Executive Kathleen Falk said. “Promoting these excellent home-grown products will create new opportunities and put more money in the back-pockets of our hard-working local growers.”

Value-Added Product producers interested in taking part are asked to complete a registration form, available at www.ifmwi.org, that will include product and contact information, as well as other details important for large volume buyers. The business must be located in Wisconsin.