Dane County sets long agenda for energy & sustainability

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dane County Supervisor Brett Hulsey summarized the Dane County Energy Independence and Sustainability Initiatives from the recently adopted county budget:

• Goals: 10% by 2010 (10X10) and 25% by 2025 (25X25) Plan

Reduce/replace current energy use by at least 10% by 2010 with energy efficiency improvements and renewable resources

Reduce/replace current energy use by at least 25% by 2025 with energy efficiency improvements and renewable resources

• Energy Independence and Sustainability Projects (Executive Recommended Budget)

1. Manure Digester Project ($1,370,000 - Land and Water Resources)
- Implementation of feasibility study and business plan

2. City-County Building Solar Energy Project ($187,300 - Administration)
- Installation of solar hot water system to provide 75% of daily hot water

3. Bike/Pedestrian Trails ($292,500 – Land and Water Resources)
- Lower Yahara River
- North Mendota
- Rockdale to Cambridge

4. Zoo Energy Efficiency Projects ($100,000 – Zoo)
- Zoo Administration Building energy efficiency improvements

5. Gas Extraction System ($250,000 – Solid Waste)
- Rodefeld landfill gas to energy recovery system

6. Bio-Reactor Retrofit ($500,000 – Solid Waste)
- Application of bio-reactor technology to increase facility life creating potential additional revenue of $5,000,000

7. Transfer Station ($4,000,000 – Solid Waste)
- Transfer out construction and demolition material to slow down filling rate and control landfilling price

8. Electric Utility and Hybrid Vehicles ($52,000 – Land and Water Resources)
- Purchase of two electric utility vehicles and hybrid SUV

• Energy and Independence and Sustainability Projects (Budget Amendments)

1. Badger Prairie Health Care Center Renewable Energy Project ($1,750,000)
- Funding to implement a geothermal heating and cooling system, install solar hot water system and construct “green” roof.

2. Green Energy/Green Jobs Project Fund ($100,000)
- Funding for departments to implement energy efficiency, alternative energy,
and sustainability initiatives recommended by feasibility studies to increase the county’s energy independence, save tax dollars and reduce pollution.

a. Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study
Inventory energy uses, assess the operating performance and energy efficiency of county facilities and identify potential cost-savings and areas for improvement.
b. Create Energy Independence and Sustainability subcommittee (Public
Works and Transportation Committee) comprised of supervisors,
department heads, Wisconsin Focus on Energy staff and staffed by the Recycling Manager
c. Grant Funding Applications -- Feasibility, Audit and Strategic Planning
i. Apply for Wisconsin Energy Independent Community Partnership grant available through the Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence
ii. Apply for Wisconsin Focus on Energy funds available through the Schools and Local Government and Renewable Energy programs

3. Energy Independence & Sustainability Plan Training & Development ($10,000)
Initial decision-making framework will utilize the Natural Step, ICLEI and other appropriate criteria.

4. Airport Alternative Energy Purchase ($18,691)
Purchase an additional 22.4% of its electricity from alternative energy sources.

5. Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels Feasibility Study ($35,000)
Assess the feasibility of wind, biomass (including switch grass, waste wood, and lake weeds), alternative fuels and solar energy sources, and develop a strategic action plan for implementation.

6. (Non-budget item) Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Reduction Plan
($2,750: ICLEI membership - Solid Waste Recycling Fund/Public Education)
Conduct GHG emission inventory, set targets, evaluate strategies and develop action plan to reduce emissions.