Should be talking regional transit

Friday, November 28, 2008

An editorial from WISC-TV:

The discussion over bus fares has put this city in a tough spot -- and frankly it shouldn't be there.

We understand the arguments on both sides, and this editorial board has long argued that affordable, accessible public transportation is a basic service that cities provide, much like police protection and garbage pickup. It's really hard for us to justify a two dollar bus fare.

But what really irks us is we're in this position because of a lack of civic leadership and will on a coordinated, multi-modal, regional transportation system. We need a good bus system. Period. But a bus system with no support from rail, trains, street cars, trolleys, people movers in some combination isn't going to cut it. Yet we continue to insist on cars and an inefficient Metro service that now requires two-dollar bus rides.

Two bucks hurts those who can afford it least. We shouldn't be taking about two dollar bus rides. We should be talking about a regional transit system and the fares and operation needed to sustain it.