Have you truly asked?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

From Hans Noeldner:

Last night I asked the Village of Oregon Board for a Christmas
present – a promise from Board members to walk or bicycle to at least half of Board meetings next year. I pointed out that minimizing their own "absolute reliance on the automobile*" on the way to such meetings is a very good way for Board members to put themselves into the proper frame of mind to lead the rest of us towards this goal as well. Then I held up the gas pump nozzle I bought on eBay, observed
that these devices are the real voting machines in America, and shared my dream to see cobwebs on most of the gas pump nozzles in Oregon.

Thus far one of the trustees has indicated he "believes" he will give me this gift.


Because the other day it struck me quite out of the blue that I have not been asking, truly ASKING, other people for the gift of a sustainable world. I am suddenly filled with the spirit of asking! I am not going to be too afraid or too proud to ask any more!

So I will ask for this Christmas gift from you: please imagine what would happen if dozens - HUNDREDS - of us asked for similar gifts from our municipal mepresentatives...and families...and friends... and co-workers. Then please follow your heart.

May God bless you this Christmas - whether you are a Christian or

Hans Noeldner
Oregon, WI

** I don't know about you, but I am thoroughly sick of the politically correct secularism that has suffocated the Christian spirit of Christmas even as it turns a blind eye to the heathen orgy of consumptive excesses (commencing with Black Friday) that has now comprises our "Happy Holidays". I dream that someday people of all
faiths - and of no "official" faith at all - will share the generous spirit of their own celebrations with everyone too. How could anyone in his right mind take offense?