Soybean crush plant pushing ahead

Friday, September 14, 2007

From an article by Gine Duwe the Janesville Gazzette:

EVANSVILLE-A plan to build the state's first soybean crush facility in Evansville moved forward today with Landmark Services Cooperative announcing a $4 million commitment to match a possible state grant.

The project is not a 100 percent go, but the pieces are falling together, Landmark President Larry Swalheim said.

"We're pretty confident that if everything works out the way we think it will, that it will be a go," he said.

Wisconsin is the only state among the top 13 soybean producing states that does not have a crush facility, where beans are crushed to extract the oil, which is used to produce biodiesel fuel.

Landmark is working with legislators to ensure that a $4 million grant for the development of a crush plant remains in the proposed state budget, Swalheim said.


scott93pack said...

WI has a soybean crush plant located in Valders, Manitowoc County. They received a grant last year to help increase soybean oil availability in WI. The name is Quality Roasting Inc. They produce 2 million gallons of soybean oil annually