Top Ten Sustainability Stories for 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Green A City blog features blogger Warren Karlenzig's Top Ten Sustainability Stories for 2006:

The year of 2006 in review from the perspective of sustainability in state and local government, presented in order of importance.

Though we have been doing this blog only since May, so much has gone on since then that we are overwhelmed by the evidence that the nation is experiencing a collective tipping point.

1. Climate Change Policy Milestones
2. Boston Requires Green Construction for All Large Buildings
3. Portland to Institute Green Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
4. New York's Sustainability Planning
5. Portland Biodiesel Requirement
6. Denver Greenprint
7. Record Summer Heat Wave
8. Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Campaign
9. Oakland (CA) Local Food and Zero Fossil Fuel Goals
10. Best Practice Sustainability Knowledge Base Launched for Government

Since Warren lives in California, we'll forgive him for not including passage of Wisconsin's new Energy Efficiency and Renewables Law (Act 141).

I give Act 141 the #1 spot on Wisconsin's sustainability/renewable/energy efficiency scorecard for 2006.

Feel free to add your thoughts on Wisconsin's top accomplishments in 2006.


Ed Blume said...

Mike Neuman offered these thoughts:

Wisconsin's Energy Efficiency and Renewables Law didn't go nearly far enough for it to be recognized as any kind of environmental accomplishment in my opinion. Most importantly, it didn't address motorized transportation in cars, trucks, trains, planes and recreational vehicles, which use up more nonrenewable fuel and contribute as much or more pollution and greenhouse gases as do power plants in Wisconsin.. It set a goal that only 10% of the state's electricity at the close of 2015 need be obtained from renewable energy sources.

As legislation that was intended to set the course for Wisconsin's energy future, Wisconsin's Energy Efficiency and Renewables Law did little more than preserve the status quo of current levels of fossil fuel burning in the state, while the looming crisis of catastrophic climate change in Wisconsin draws nearer and nearer. It was a sham.

For a better solution, see Conserve NOW!1.doc; Final.doc

Mike Neuman

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