You can comment on regional transportation plan

Thursday, October 05, 2006

According to the Madison Area Regional Planning Organization:

The draft Regional Transportation Plan 2030 identifies transportation improvements, strategies, and actions that will shape our regional transportation system into the future. The objective of the plan is to build agreement on transportation investments that balance roadway, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and other transportation needs, while supporting regional land use, economic, and environmental goals.

Unfortunately, the plan seems to be completely void of any recognition of peak oil and the end of cheap oil.

Fortunately, anyone can submit a comment at the bottom of the organization's Web page.


Ed Blume said...

This is the comment that I sent to the planning organization:

"In planner jargon, the 2030 plan should recognize the finite and declining availability of fossil fuels, particularly gasoline and diesel fuels, and begin planning for the end of cheap motor fuels.

In other words, world petroleum production will peak, if it hasn't already, and gasoline and diesel fuels will be so expensive few people will be able to drive in the same way that they drive today. Consequently, we'll need more public transportation and fewer roads."