Ending Our Oil Dependence: A Market Argument

Friday, December 30, 2005

In an article appearing in The Ripon Forum, Amory Lovins argues that "A better energy policy process would offer even wider benefits for a stronger country and safer world." Lovins begins his argument:
The United States of America has the world’s mightiest economy and most mobile society. Yet the oil that fueled its strength has become its greatest weakness.

Fortunately, this 10,000-gallon-asecond oil habit is also uneconomic, and American business is the greatest force on earth for turning market imperfections into profits.

The United States can eliminate its oil dependence and revitalize its economy—not by passing federal laws, taxing fuels, biasing markets, subsidizing favorites, mandating technologies, limiting choices, or crimping lifestyles, but by adopting smart business strategies. If government steers, not rows, then competitive enterprise, supported by judicious policy and vibrant civil society, can turn the oil challenge into an unprecedented opportunity for wealth creation and common security.
Lovins is founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute.

The “conscience of the Republican Party,” the Ripon Society, publishes The Ripon Forum.


David Pierce said...

Really those countries who depends upon oil imports are the victims of sudden economic downfall with the increase in prices due to any reason in the international markets. I think renewable resources like biomass energy, wind and solar e.t.c should be our priorities.