Train manufacturing would be good fit for Janesville

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A news release issued by State Senator Judy Robson:

Sen. Judy Robson applauded Gov. Jim Doyle’s mission to Spain to explore the possibility of bringing train manufacturing to the General Motors plant in Janesville.

“The General Motors plant is well-positioned to build passenger rail cars,” Robson said. “It is located along a railroad line. We have a well-educated, skilled workforce with a strong work ethic that is eager to go back to work. The plant has plenty of space. And we have a great technical college ready to train workers in the skills of train manufacturing.”

Doyle is in Spain talking to government officials and business leaders about locating Spanish companies’ train manufacturing plants in Wisconsin and specifically in Janesville.

“As our streets and highways become more congested, there will be a growing demand for high-speed passenger rail in the coming years,” Robson said. “Cities and regions across the nation are already developing plans for commuter rail. I am pleased that Governor Doyle is aggressively recruiting train manufacturers to locate factories in our state. Our request for GM to bring another vehicle line to Janesville is still on the table. But we can pursue more than one path at the same time.”